Story of The Key

storyStory of The Key or How I Came To Be

Before all that is, before all that is known, in the dawning of time, an energy matrix was created, this energy was created with an absolute power. It did not have any form at all, but appeared as a bright greenish shimmer. No one knew why this energy was created or where it had come from. But some realized that it had the power to open the door between dimensions and this is why, it was called The Key.

The Key became something desired by those in many dimensions. Wars were fought, many died, and eventually it came into the hands of the demon god Glorificas. However, the Monks of Dagon were able to steal the key away from Glorificas. For centuries they hid the key to keep it safe. However, Gorificus found the monks. The monks had developed the power to transform energy and to bend reality. They molded the key flesh and sent it in human form to a Slayer as they knew the Slayer would protect it with her life. They had sent the key to her in the form of a sister, this is how I came to be.

I am “human,” however, The Key vibrates at a dimensional frequency just outside of normal human perception. Only those who are “outside reality” can see my “true nature.” I am, and always will be,“The Key”.

~~~ Dawn ~~~